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Best Way to Sear Food

Best Way to Sear Food

There is nothing like a perfectly seared piece of meat, though other food items like seared vegetables and halloumi cheese also work with a great sear. Luckily the best way to sear food is not that challenging if you are prepared and invest time into doing it right. The benefits of a well seared dish, with caramelized flavors shining through, is worth the effort. Hears the best way to sear food:

A Perfectly Dry Surface

Water prevents food from getting a perfect sear. The key is to remove moisture from the food as thoroughly as you can. Pat foods with a paper towel to remove moisture from the surface. Avoid putting salt on the surface too early as doing so will pull moisture out of the food and place it on the outside where you will try to sear. Add salt just before cooking it or add it much earlier and pull out moisture from the food way before you pat it down. Also consider adding a bit of corn starch or flour on the food to soak up the moisture and allow for a great sear.

Getting a Hot Pan or Grill

One of the most important factors for the best way to sear food is the heat used. Hotter pans and grills will allow for a better sear. For the best sear use a pan that can get extra hot such as a cast iron pan that you can get smoking hot by placing it in an oven. Wait for it to heat up and be very patient until it reaches a smoke point, quickly add oil and the food you are looking to sear.

Avoid Tampering

When you place the food down place them down and avoid tampering with it. Don’t flip the food until the food has a nice sear. Place the food at a 45 degree angle to achieve perfect seat marks if you are placing them on a grill.

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