Myths About Cooking Pasta

Myths About Cooking Pasta

Pasta is one of the easiest foods to cook. You boil some water and add the pasta and that is about it. However, there are significant differences between the outcome of one who is cooking quality pasta and those who make subpar pasta dishes. Here are some of the myths out there that lead to inferior pasta dishes.

Myths About Cooking Pasta #1: It is Done when It Sticks to the Wall – there is an old expression that pasta is done when it sticks to the wall. This, so the theory goes, has to do with the starchy exterior becoming wet and sticky due to the cooked starches. This is not true. Pasta can be cooked on the outside and still stick to a wall, even with a crunchy and undercooked interior. Avoid the guesswork and messy walls. Taste your pasta to see if it is properly done before eating it.

Myths About Cooking Pasta #2: Don’t Add Salt – Many people think it is appropriate to cut out the salt when cooking pasta. In reality, Italians will add additional salt to pasta water well in excess of what Americans do and it has a big impact on the flavor of their pasta. Be liberal with the salt you add to your pasta water as pasta doesn’t have much flavor otherwise.

Myths About Cooking Pasta #3: Add Oil – many people add oil to their pasta to prevent it from sticking together. If you wait for your water to boil before putting in the pasta and you stir in oil your pasta will stick. While the oil you add won’t do any harm other than making it harder for sauces to stick to it, it will not do any good either and is wasteful.

Myths About Cooking Pasta #4: Rinsing Pasta with Cool Water – Some people will wash their pasta to remove excess starches from it. This is a misguided step as the starches have the flavor and add to the taste of the pasta. Don’t cool down your pasta with an ice bath and simple enjoy the flavor of the pasta in all its starchy wonder.

Pasta is easy to make but it better when you avoid the untrue myths surrounding cooking it. Stick to the true information on cooking pasta and dig deeper into making a quality dish.

Myths about cooking pasta

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