Myths About Grilling

Myths about Grilling

The grill is one of those essentials found in nearly every backyard and on many tailgates. Although it’s essential, many of you feel the pressure of following those rules that are spouted by self proclaimed grill masters. Rules, that if not followed, will surely result in inedible fare. Fortunately you can breathe easy because most of those basic rules are simply myths about grilling that can be ignored.

Don’t Use A Grill Fork
Piercing your meat with a fork is said to release all the juices, leaving a tasteless lump of jerky. In reality, using a fork to turn food only releases a negligible amount of juice which doesn’t affect the texture at all.

Turn Food Only Once
This particular practice is intended to preserve juice and flavor by reducing the handling of the food. But if you are one of those cooks that enjoys the action of flipping your burgers several times, go ahead, because turning often insures even browning and doneness.

Bring Meat To Room Temperature
Bringing food to room temperature before cooking is believed to improve the finished product but that’s just not true. Even if you leave meat on a counter for several hours, it will not raise the temperature enough to make a difference. Also, starting with cold meat can prevent overcooking the inside while allowing outside to brown perfectly.

Soak Wood Chips
Soaking your wood chips in water does not create more smoke therefore doesn’t impart more flavor. All this accomplishes is lowering the temperature of the grill and prolonging the cooking time.

Hopefully, if you’ve ever suffered from grilling anxiety for fear of breaking the “rules”, myths about grilling. Whether you feel the need to use that fork that’s in your grilling utensil arsenal or just love the motion of flipping burgers. You can now relax and enjoy being the master of your grill.

Myths about Grilling
Myths about Grilling

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