Tips on cooking steak

Planning an Execution: The Perfect Steak

Steak. It’s what’s for dinner. This delicious piece of protein is a beloved meal for most Americans, but only if it is prepared and cooked to perfection. Here are some tips on cooking steak to get you started.

Tips on Cooking Steak

In The Planning

In the planning stage there are three things to keep in mind before you actually start cooking the steak:

  1. Choosing a great cut.
  2. Letting it sit out until it is room temperature before you cook it.
  3. Making sure you flavor it with a good rub or marinade.

Sometimes poor planning can gravely affect the final product of your steak. There are several cuts of meat, depending on your budget, from ribeye to filet. Whether you choose a dry rub or soak the cut in marinade, you want to leave a small amount of fat to promote the flavor and cooking of the steak to perfection.

In the Execution

Cooking a steak to the correct temperature is important for serving to taste. Degree wise, rare is 135, medium rare is 140, medium is 155, and well is 160 respectively.

Searing your steak will give it a crispier flavorful outside, leaving the inside juicy, but if you fail to turn the cut frequently, you may just end up with a burnt piece of meat. Cooking the meat slow, either on the grill or in the broiler will be most successful.

After you cook you steak, make sure that you let it rest for a few minutes, but while it is still hot, melt some butter and pour it over the top for a sensational additional flavor. If the steak is prepared and cooked properly, you may even be able to kick the steak sauce.

Tips on Cooking Steak

There is nothing better than a savory steak. Left overs, if cooked properly (and if there are any) make delicious breakfast when accompanied with eggs, or sandwiches for the lunch box. Take the time to cook it right and it will be the delight of any weekend or weeknight entrée.

We hope these tips on cooking steak will provide a succulent piece of meat.

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