What are Condiments Good For

What Are Condiments Good For

Condiments promote cultures and enhance dining pleasure.

Condiments have been a part of international cuisine with the earliest reference reported in fifth-century Roman literature. Condiments have received favorable reviews by food connoisseurs. Less reported, are the effects of condiments on “gastronomy” by food science practitioners.

Condiments may be defined, ingredients with added spices by the consumer at time of ingestion. Seasonings are viewed as herbs, spices and a combination thereof sprinkled on food at time of preparation.

Condiments serve to promote food preparation by culture. Mustard, ketchup and mint sauces have been the basic condiments in North America for decades. Uami is a Japanese based condiment categorized as a MSG. So too, sriracha is an Asian condiment containing red chili, garlic and spicy sauce. Moreover, chutney is a condiment of India derivation containing spices, vinegar and sugar. The condiment, sriracha, come in plastic squeeze bottles and do not require refrigeration. This condiment glazes chicken wings, brings flavor to stir fry and may be an added flavor to pizza.

What Are Condiments Good For

What are condiments good for: Health
As concern seems to be apparent for the health value of condiments, companies have taken measures to produce clean label condiments highlighting fruit or vegetable components.  Mustard’s may utilize blue cheese, and ketchup may include sun-dried tomatoes. Mayonnaise includes horseradish in its makeup. The industry is currently defining “good for you” in its condiment lineup. Recently, the Southern Living Brand of condiments formed partnership with producer Blackberry Patch to promote their line of fruit-based syrups, sauces and fruit butters.

What are condiments good for: Advisement
One notable resource promoting a diet to reduce hypertension suggests consumers purchase herbs, flavored vinegar’s, garlic, ginger and sodium-free bouillon as condiments. Moreover, use nonstick cookware, and perhaps a vegetable steamer that can fit inside a pan. These measures will reduce the need for butter and salt for cooking and flavor. The thrust is to reduce intake of sugar, sodium and fat.

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