What Are Considered Condiments?

What Are Considered Condiments?

Everyone loves adding some flavor to their food, whether it is salt and pepper to taste, or a dash of hot sauce to complement a chili, we are all familiar with adding a little extra flavor of our choosing to any particular meal. But, when it comes to adding your preferred flavoring to a meal, you might be wondering if what you are adding counts as a condiment or not. While the term can be a blanket term for many different types of flavoring, some people are still left wondering, “What are considered condiments?”

A condiment is a sauce, flavoring, or spice added to a dish to enhance the flavor of the meal. It can be a simple spice like salt, its own ingredient like adding onions to a hotdog, or it can be a new recipe entirely, like ketchup or mustard. There are both sweet and savory condiments which can be used in a variety of dishes.  In other words, what are considered condiments, they are not just toppings, they are food

Condiments came into play around the Industrial Revolution in England when bottling ingredients became regularly available and by the 1840s America developed its own business of bottling condiments making them more available across the world.

The primary difference between a condiment on a dish and an ingredient in the dish is that condiments are added after the full meal has been prepared and are usually left in jars and dishes on the table to be added or omitted at the consumer’s pleasure. Many condiments, however, can also be used as ingredients in certain dishes. For instance, when mustard is used in a recipe like baked beans it is considered to be an ingredient, though when it is added to a hamburger after it has been prepared, it is known to be a condiment.  The same can be true for mayonnaise.  Mayonnaise is an ingredient in potato salad but also serves as a condiment for burgers and sandwiches.

The most important thing to remember about condiments is that they do add nutritional value to a dish, which can sometimes be insignificant but can also end up added a hundred or more calories to your dish from various fats and sugars. So, when enjoying mayonnaise or ketchup on your hamburger or adding cheese and onions to the top of your chili, be sure to check nutritional value and serving size.

Hopefully this article,”What are considered condiments?” was informative to decipher for you what is a condiment.

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