Can BBQ Sauce Go Bad?

Can BBQ Sauce Go Bad

You purchased a large container of your preferred barbecue sauce to get ready for the grilling season. If you did not use all of it, you might think that you can just put it in your refrigerator to be used next year. One thing that is crucial to know for your health is can BBQ sauce go bad?

Can BBQ Sauce Go Bad?

You may already be aware that once it is unsealed, a package of BBQ sauce is not shelf stable. Between uses, it must be stored in the refrigerator. Most brands use a lot of natural preservatives like sugar and vinegar, but it is still liable to spoil. The sauce may be shaken thoroughly to mix all of the ingredients together. While the sauce does get darker over time, be aware that a change in color of your sauce does not automatically indicate that it has gone bad.

How Can I Prevent Spoilage?

One of the largest culprits for barbecue sauce going bad is introducing foreign contaminants into the bottle. Be sure not to allow food particles or water into it. Food particles can allow mold to grow and can spoil the whole bottle. If there are indications of mold, the entire bottle should be thrown away.

Can BBQ Sauce be Kept Long-Term?

If you choose to buy BBQ sauce, it can be easily frozen until you need it again. If you are making your own, canning is also a good option. It is just very important that you store your barbecue sauce inn an airtight manner.

It is important to know the answer to the question “Can BBQ sauce go bad?”. Remember that if it is kept in the refrigerator in an airtight container that will prevent spoilage. You should also be vigilant about keeping food particles and moisture out of it.

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