Whats the difference between spices and condiments?

Whats the difference between spices and condiments?

Spices are the food fixings fundamentally used to prepare a food dish during its cooking time. While condiments are mostly utilized at the feasting table to decorate the dish. This is the primary difference between spices and condiments. Spices have some similarities with condiments but yet they do have some key contrasts as well. Spices and condiments are known as one of the most amazing elements of the numerous styles of food in the world. You will get from the given information that whats the difference between spices and condiments.

Spice is actually a sweet-smelling or sharp plant part like the natural product which are leaves, seed, root, bark, berry, bud, blossom, or vegetable actually used for flavoring food.

Food fixings flavors, for example, salt, mustard, or pickle which are utilized to add flavor to your food.

Naturally, we can say that spices are organic products, leaves, root, bark, berry, bud, blossom, or vegetable substance essentially utilized as a coloring and flavoring in the food. Many flavors have antimicrobial and cancer prevention agent properties. Thus, flavors are additionally utilized in meat curries to create safe nourishment for human utilization or eating. Additionally, they are some of the time utilized in medication, beautifying agents or scent creation, or as a vegetable because of their novel tactile attributes.

A condiment is actually itself a spice, sauce, or blends of the spices that are predominantly added to various food dishes to contribute a particular flavor or to improve its flavor and in certain countries, it is used to enhance the dish. It is fundamentally added to food exactly before utilization. Food things, for example, pickles, sauces, mustards, and so on are viewed as the condiments.

Whats the difference between spices and condiments in their uses?
To get you a better idea of whats the difference between spices and condiments, listed are some uses of the two:

Uses of spices:-
The main uses of spices will be informed below,
It is used for coloring the food example turmeric.
Used for flavoring like gloves, pepper, ginger, etc.
It is used to improve the shelf life of the food.
It is used in food to reduce diseases like obesity, cancer or diabetes, etc.
It acts as antioxidants.

Uses of condiments:-
The main uses of condiments are,
It is mainly used in the coloring and flavoring of food.

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