Can BBQ Sauce Be Used As A Marinade?

Can BBQ Sauce Be Used As A Marinade

While lots of barbecue lovers are happy to sauce their meat after it’s cooked, others are frustrated when the flavor is only skin deep. If you’re a true barbecue aficionado, then you know one of the hardest things to master is getting that barbecue flavor deep in the meat. Naturally, this leads many home cooks to wonder, can BBQ sauce be used as a marinade?

Some cooks are very quick to squash the question of, “Can BBQ sauce be used as a marinade?” They have their reasons. If you are going to be cooking your meat quickly or at a high temperature, then tomato-based and sugary barbecue sauces will burn long before the meat is done.

That isn’t to say that barbecue sauce can never work as a marinade. If you are cooking your meat low and slow, then the decision to marinate it first and put it in the oven already sauced is often based on personal preference. There are several brands of pre-sauced barbecue meat on the market, and many people enjoy their flavor. In these cases, the answer to, “Can BBQ sauce be used as a marinade?,” is a resounding, “Yes!”

If you want to try marinating your meat in barbecue sauce at home, then there are two things to consider: time and ingredients. As previously noted, marinating the meat in barbecue sauce works best when you are cooking at a lower heat. If you’re determined to try a BBQ marinade, you should also consider using a brand or recipe that is vinegar-based, as it will tolerate heat better than sugar does.

If you’re nervous about trying BBQ sauce as a marinade but crave a stronger flavor in your barbecued meat, you have other options. Dry rubs have long been a go-to for barbecue masters. Just be careful with your spice mix, as a rub adds and enhances the natural flavor of the meat but will not add moisture to it like a marinade does. Once the meat is cooked, you can still use your favorite BBQ sauce on top of the rub for greater depth of flavor.

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