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A History Of Delightful Memories

You know of the slogan, “The customer is always right”, that motto is the driving force behind the SWEEETHEAT brand. SWEEETHEAT’s early beginnings originated from customers of Streetside BBQ, a Philadelphia-based barbecue catering company. Impressed with the flavor profiles of the spices & rubs and the accompanying bbq sauces used on the food, the customers inquired if the all natural and homemade products were available for purchase to use at home or to give as gifts. With that positive feedback and initial demand, Demond Mullen, the owner of Streetside BBQ, put a plan in motion to have the spices & rubs and sauces used in the everyday catering business bottled and packaged.

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SWEEETHEAT Sauces and Spices & Rubs are a great way to enhance any dish.


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