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Our Spicy Journey to Your Dining Table

SWEEETHEAT Homemade BBQ Sauces is a brand that embodies the timeless values of the Southern tradition. We take pride in using locally sourced, high-quality ingredients that are sustainable. Our sauces offer a harmonious blend of sweet and spicy flavors, catering to both casual dipping and the discerning palates of seasoned cooks searching for authentic barbecue sauces.


The name SWEEETHEAT originated from the exceptional flavor profiles of the barbecue sauces. The distinct taste of each sauce begins with sweetness and ends with a mild spicy kick, making it ideal for cooking a variety of meats.

Founder, Demond Mullen, is the visionary behind our success, having grown up cooking with his family and learning their wisdom, knowledge and family secrets handed down from previous generations.

This solid foundation provided him with the inspiration to create all-natural barbecue sauces, spices and rubs that are nothing short of exceptional.

SWEEETHEAT’s journey began as a result of the tremendous flavor profiles of the spices, rubs and BBQ sauces that were used on foods for Streetside BBQ, Demond’s Philadelphia-based barbecue catering company. Numerous customers inquired if these all-natural and homemade products were available for purchase to use at home or as gift items. Given the incredible feedback and initial demand, Demond resolved to have his sauces bottled and packaged for customers’ easy access.

Today, we’re a family-owned business that prides itself on offering high-quality sauces, spices and rubs to customers that value richness and authentic flavors.

Why just cook when you can create magic?

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