SWEEETHEAT Spatchcock Chicken

Ingredients: Whole Chicken, SWEEETHEAT All Purpose Rub, SWEEETHEAT Southern BBQ Blend

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SWEEETHEAT Spatchcock Chicken

Smoking is an amazing way to cook a whole chicken. It comes out of the smoker moist and juicy with a wonderful smokey flavor infused in the meat. One way I enjoy smoking a chicken is by flattening it. This method is called spatchcock chicken and is done by removing the backbone of the bird so that it can open and flatten with the legs and thighs spread out. This is a great way to cook a chicken because it cooks a bit more quickly and I also find that cooks a little more evenly and that the thigh meat finishes around the same time as the breast meat.  This recipe uses 2 rubs, our All Purpose Rub and Southern BBQ Blend.

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