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All Purpose Rub 6.3 oz

Season it all with our signature rub! A savory but sweet blend of Spanish paprika, sugar, sea salt, pepper, oregano, celery seed, garlic powder and onion powder, this seasoning pairs well with any type of protein, vegetable or starch. Use it to season up pork ribs, beef steaks, grilled chicken, potatoes or spinach. It really is that versatile.

Bacon BBQ Brew 12 oz

"Rich. Roasted. Perfection." Blended to invigorate and stimulate the senses with every bite, our Bacon BBQ Brew is a savory but sweet sauce that will blow your mind. The tang of apple cider vinegar, ketchup and Worcestershire sauce is balanced with a touch of freshly brewed coffee, bacon fat, cinnamon and dark brown sugar to render a flavor inspired by breakfast and brunch favorites.

Chipotle Remoulade 8 oz

Thick enough to be used as a dip or spread and spicy enough to add a kick of heat, our Chipotle Remoulade is a condiment designed to help you become a master of flavors.  Treat yourself to a savory mix of herbs, chipotle peppers swimming in our signature adobo sauce and blended with creamy mayo.

Chipotle Wing Sauce 8 oz

Add a kick of zest and work in a hint of zip for sweeet heat you can't resist.  A balanced combination of sizzle and sweeetness, this spicy sauce consists of chipotle adobe seasoning, onions garlic, cider vinegar and a touch of honey.  Use the saucy blend to dip wings, nuggets or anything you like to dip.

Habanero Jelly 8 oz

Spicy but sweet, our Habanero Jelly pleases the palate with tasty twang. The spiciness of habanero peppers meets the sweetness of sugared fruit to indulge taste buds with balanced flavor. Spread the jelly as a relish on toast, biscuits, crackers, snack wafers, scones and more.

Kansas City Classic 12 oz

Known as the Barbecue Capital of North America, Kansas City is the place that has served as inspiration for this crave-worthy savory but sweet BBQ sauce. The spiciness of chili powders, paprika and pepper meets the sweetness of honey and whole peeled tomatoes to leave your mouth watering for more.

Savory Seafood Spice 6.3 oz

A dash of our Savory Seafood Spice gives marine fare a delicious kick that leaves a lasting impression. By combining the sweetness of brown sugar with the spicy succulence of paprika, fennel, turmeric, cumin and oregano, savory but sweet spice brings out the flavors of fish, clams, crabs and other sea-dwelling crustaceans.

Smoked Apple Butter 8 oz

We're up in smokes about how gosh darn yummy our Smoked Apple Butter is. Smoky and sultry but sugary and sweet, the spread gratifies taste buds with hints of warm brown sugar, raw honey and cored apples slowly smoked over wood chips. Smear it on bagels, biscuits, crackers or crumpets.

Southern BBQ Blend 6.3 oz

Southern hospitality has now taken on a new form. Inspired by BBQ traditions of the South, this blend is bound to tempt those taste buds. A spicy but sweet mix of dark brown sugar, sea salt, paprika, coriander, ancho chili powder, cayenne, cinnamon, pepper, nutmeg and ginger, it boosts flavor to have you feasting in true Southerner style.

Southern Spice Blend 6.3 oz

Inspired by traditional cuisines enjoyed down south of the border, this exotic seasoning blend consists of indulgently flavorful herbs and highly aromatic spices. Spicy, tangy and ever so slightly sweet, the mix is comprised of sugar, chili flakes, cajun seasoning, ground coriander, ground mustard, jalapeno powder, paprika, turmeric and sea salt.

Spicy Homey Honey 12 oz

This sugary BBQ sauce is kitchen homey you've been patiently waiting for. A spicy but sweet mix of molasses, honey, brown sugar, garlic, cloves and celery salt, our saucy selection drenches barbecue meats with delectable deliciousness. Crafted with a tomato base, the sauce is remarkably robust and bursting with savory flavor.

Sweeet St Louis 12 oz

See ya down in Sweeet St. Louis! Created using a vinegar base and enhanced with the sweetness of honeyed brown sugar, this sauce embodies the diversity of the city some refer to as the Gateway of the West. Further flavored with peeled tomatoes, mirin, onion, sriracha, garlic cloves, Adobe chipotles and soy sauce, the blend is chock-full of flavor.

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